Monday, June 30, 2008

Some "The Legend" Follow-ups

The post about The Legend inspired the following IM conversation with Donald:
Donald: do you still have the "Get On" story
Brian: which one is that?
Brian: oh I remember
Brian: I have it, but it doesn't translate well to written word
Donald: that's true
Donald: what about when the gate of the tollbooth went down and it broke over his head
Brian: I don't remember that one
Donald: i'm surprised, he sued the St of IL and won
Donald: i think he defended himself
Brian: please type it up and I'll add it
Donald: he also grew up with Katie Holmes. She was a tomboy then and shy, but still cool to hang out with
Donald: Katie grew up in Toledo, OH
Donald: side note to the KG story: He said he played and beat the young lengthy Garnett when KG was a freshman.
Donald: This brought about Erick to scream, "He didn't come here till his Senior Year"
Donald: This led to him claiming he beat him in a pick up game where all the future stars play
If Donald types up the tollbooth story, I promise to add it. It seems pretty self-explanatory though. I wish I would have been there for that one. It sounds golden. Also, the "get on" story is pretty lame. It was something like him being on his motorcycle outside of a club and a hot girl (of course) came up to him out of nowhere and said "I like your bike" and he said "thanks" and she said "wanna take me for a ride?" and he said "get on". Then he pointed to the back of his bike, she hopped on, and they took off. That kind of story doesn't even happen in porno movies, does it? Or maybe it does, what the hell do I know?

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed The Legend as much as I did today.

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