Monday, June 09, 2008

A little White Sox jinxing

I don't want to jinx it or anything* but my Chicago White Sox are now 5.5 games ahead of the 2nd place Twins. They've won 6 straight games since Crazy Bones went on his tirade where he called his hitting coach an asshole**.

* I've made it clear on this site before that I believe in jinx's the same way that I believe in the tooth-fairy and curses and leprechauns. That is to say, I believe in them with all my heart. And with all my heart, I mean none of it. Jinx's aren't real. Neither is the tooth-fairy and neither are curses. Okay maybe with leprechauns I can still be convinced. After watching this video, I can't rule it out just yet (stick around for the amateur sketch in that video if you haven't seen it yet; you won't be disappointed). But back to this jinx thing. How can people believe in sports jinx's? If I say out loud that there's no way the White Sox will lose today and then they end up losing, were my words really that powerful that they willed a group of 9 or 10 people to fail who have never met me and probably never will? Who the hell am I to where I can have an impact on what a baseball team does? And how is the strength of my jinx more powerful than the jinx of the fan of the other team who said there's no way his team would lose? Right? If my jinx was really that powerful, don't you think I'd have figured out a way to put it to better use by now? I would totally be jinxing my ability to lose the lotto every week.

** Okay he didn't really call his hitting coach an asshole, but he did call him a child molester who probably roots for the Indians. And that was wrong in my opinion. You should never joke about rooting for the Indians.

Not only have they won 6 in a row, but they've done it in style, outscoring their opponents by 718 runs (estimate), and not once has one of their fans jumped on the field and attacked the 1st base coach of the opposing team (dated William Ligue reference). So yeah, it's good to be a White Sox fan right now. Personally though, I kind of miss the craziness. Hopefully by the end of the week, they'll have lost 2 or 3 games in a row and Mariotti can call for Ozzie's job again and Ozzie can call Mariotti a fag again. Things just aren't right when they're going well.