Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton = George Costanza?

According to the AP, Hillary Clinton has been mathematically eliminated from the Democratic presidential nomination. The AP is basing this on public commitments from convention delegates. Hillary's campaign manager, the brilliant Terry McAuliffe, is still saying that our girl isn't conceding.

"The race goes on, the AP is wrong, blah blah blah." <---I think that's what he said.

So basically everyone has accepted Barack Obama as the Dem nominee except for Hillary and her people. She's basically pulling a Costanza (continuing to show up for work even though she's been fired). Fair enough. Question though - can this tactic be used in other walks of life?

Like tonight after the White Sox lose to the Royals 2-1, can Crazy Bones tell his team to stay on the field? "Dis game iz not over. Deez kidz play hard and we no give up." I can see that working, at least for a little while until they turn the lights off. It's worth a shot though. It's been working for Hillary for the last month or so.

[Follow-up from Brian: I realize that Costanza quit that job and wasn't actually fired until he came back the next day. I also realize that this makes my analogy quite lame. But I'm willing to overlook it if you are. Thanks]


  1. Greg Says:

    actually, you are combining two different episodes.

    the one where George quits the job and then shows up the next day like nothing ever happened....

    and the one where they find out George isn't really handicapped but they won't fire him because he has a contract... but they try to make him miserable enough to quit.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I was also combining that episode of You Can't Do That On Television where Alastair beat Christine at a video game, but rather than admitting defeat, she just punched him in the arm really hard and stole his quarter.