Monday, June 16, 2008

Overheard in the office

Guy A: "What are you watching?"
Guy B: "The video feed of the U.S. Open."
Guy A: "Tiger won it like 5 minutes ago."
Guy B: "What are you talking about? They're in sudden death."
Guy A: "They WERE in sudden death. Tiger won it already."
Guy B: "You fucking kidding me?"

/Proof that the video stream was slow as molasses.

One more golf-related question and then I'll put this topic to bed: Why can’t fans in the gallery make noises during a golfer's backswing? Poor Milton Bradley has to play the outfield while people pelt him with batteries, but little Tiger Woods can’t handle a camera click?

Maybe Tiger should spend a day in Milton Bradley's shoes before we start calling him the greatest athlete ever. Or Rex Grossman's shoes. Or Alex Rodriguez's shoes. Or Goody Two's shoes. Or Bozo's shoes. Or Barry Bonds' shoes. Or blip blop shoes. Or I quit.


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  1. Molly Says:

    They should really sell peanuts to those people that watch live golf. Let them shell the peanuts while they're being quiet.