Thursday, June 05, 2008

My bit was [kinda] stolen by Jon Stewart. My life is complete.

From me where I make fun of Hillary not yet conceding the election in my blog post titled "Hillary Clinton = George Costanza?" - Like tonight after the White Sox lose to the Royals 2-1, can Crazy Bones tell his team to stay on the field? "Dis game iz not over. Deez kidz play hard and we no give up." I can see that working, at least for a little while until they turn the lights off. It's worth a shot though. It's been working for Hillary for the last month or so.

Now this from Jon Stewart as he was talking to Terry McAuliffe on the Daily Show on Tuesday night - I love the New York Mets. Last year they had a late-season collapse, they didn’t make the playoffs. Convince me they won the World Series.

So it's not exact, but the idea is the same. Of course the execution by Jon was a lot better. But I still feel awesome right now.


  1. Jane Says:

    Wow...what an amazing coincidence! I bet no one else has ever compared Hillary's campaign to a sports team.