Friday, May 04, 2007


Why is this blog named 1 Happy St?
The two founders of this blog, Brian and Greg, are enormous fans of the movie My Blue Heaven starring Steve Martin, in which Martin plays a former mobster who is in the witness protection program. There is a scene in the beginning of that movie in which Martin's wife asks him, "What the frig is the address here?" to which Martin replies, "How should I know? Number 1 Happy Street!"

Who are Brian and Greg?
Brian and Greg are brothers. They founded 1 Happy St. in May 2006. Brian and his wife live in suburban Chicago, IL. Greg lives with his wife and kids in Ann Arbor, MI.

What is the purpose of this blog?
There is no purpose to 1 Happy St. Brian and Greg are not the preeminent experts of anything. Instead, they use 1 Happy St. as a place to point out their peculiar observations of popular culture, entertainment, sports, and life in general. And it's a way for them to keep in touch since they live 300 miles away from each other. Aww. No stop it. It's lame.

Who is Vincent Antonelli and why is he the Patron Saint of 1 Happy St.?
Vincent Antonelli is the name of the character played by Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven. Much like some people look to the film, The Godfather, as a source of wisdom (Leave the gun, take the cannoli!), so do Brian and Greg look to My Blue Heaven as the answer to some of life's most challenging questions. How do I plant sod? "Remember, green side up! Green side up!" Would you like to try a vanilla bran oat crunchie? "What do you think!?"

Who is Mike?
Brian's neighbor (commonly referred to as "Old Guy") thinks Brian's name is Mike. Old Guy has now called Brian by the name "Mike" for so long that it would be too embarrassing for all involved to correct him now.

What's a Random?
Brian often posts blog entries that will be a series of short thoughts or observations. He calls them Randoms.

Then what's a Bloglet?
It's a lot like a Random, except Greg posts them.

That's it?
Fraid so.

You guys are idiots!
Hey, that's not a question.

What’s the difference between a fell swoop and just a regular swoop?
We were wondering that too.

How do I purchase 1 Happy St. apparel?
1 Happy St. apparel is available exclusively at Cafepress.

Does 1 Happy St. have a MySpace page?
Yes. You can view the 1 Happy St. MySpace page here.

What about Facebook?
Look, you're lucky we have the MySpace. Get off our back!

Why does Brian hate Joe Morgan so much?
Because Joe Morgan is a no-talent ass clown.

To submit another question to the guys at 1 Happy St. please feel free to email. Thanks.

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