Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gonna make you light yourself on fire

Today is MLB's amateur draft. I made mention of it last year when I lamented (good word) that some of the players who would be selected were born in 1989. Then I came up with a list of things that these kids probably weren't familiar with:

- if a song from Van Halen or Bon Jovi came on the radio, they probably wouldn't know who it was. That's probably a good thing for them, so bad example.
- they don't remember when our current President's dad was the President. Another bad example? I can keep going.
- they've never paid for gas when it was under $2 per gallon.
- they only have faint memories of when Michael Jordan was a good basketball player.
- they've never gone to the movies and paid less than $8.
- they don't remember when Christopher Reeve was Superman, Michael Keaton was Batman, and we didn't have a Spiderman.
- they've probably never been to a baseball card show.
- they don't remember when Mike Tyson's Punchout had the best graphics of all time.

then Greg added "it's very sad but [my son] only knows Michael Jordan as the guy who played basketball in the Bugs Bunny movie"

then I added, "then again, there's probably an entire generation of people who find it sad that we only know of Muhammad Ali as that guy with Parkinson's." <---wow that was mean.

Well if some of last year's players were born in 1989, you know what that means, right? Holy shit - 1990. Some kid who was born in the friggin' 1990's will become a millionaire today. He was being born at the same time that C&C Music Factory was making me sweat. He was being born at the same time that I was being introduced to Frank Thomas. He was being born at the same time the neighbor kid Sean Anderson was introducing me to dirty magazines for the first time. Just kidding Mom. But not really. Why do you think I kept going over to his house? It wasn't because he was my friend.

But anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that we have reached the point where kids who were born in the 1990's will soon be joining the workforce. Are you ready for that?

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