Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank you for choosing Meijer

The Meijer store down the street from my work has a gas station attached to it. Whenever I buy gas there, I'm always greeted by a voice that talks to me from the pump's speaker that says "Thank you for choosing Meijer". I had never paid much attention to it before, but today was different.

Just as I was about to pump my gas, the voice said to me "Thank you for choosing Meijer, Sir."

What the fuck?

Sir? How did it know I was a guy?

"You're welcome," I responded quietly. Then I started to look around to see if anybody was pointing and laughing at me, like "hey, check out the guy on that show where we record people getting harrassed and frustrated for America's enjoyment". But nobody was pointing or laughing at me.

"Wait, are you a real person?" I asked the fuel pump.

"Yes," the fuel pump answered.

Holy crap. All this time, the "thank you for choosing Meijer" guy was a real freaking guy, whose job it is apparently to say "thank you for choosing Meijer" to hundreds of people a day. Unreal.

He was probably getting pissed that people were never answering him.

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