Monday, June 16, 2008

I've met my bizarro

There's a guy who works for my company out of St. Louis whose name is Brian Dull. Of course that was the same name I received as a kid from classmates who were trying to offend me. So just seeing his name kinda gives me the shivers [not really].

Also, there's a guy from Illinois who had his name legally changed to In God We Trust. Here is the link to the story from last month of him trying to get it changed. I heard on the radio this morning that it went through. So congratulations In God. I hope if there's ever a future Mrs. We Trust that she will be as thrilled with the name as you are.

I think if I were to ever go to the trouble of changing my name, I'd change the spelling, but not the pronounciation. Like I'd still be called Brian, but I'd spell it P-E-T-E-R or something. Then when people would see my name in print, they'd call me Peter and I could say "uh, that's pronounced Brian" and then they'd be all confused. That'd be fun.

Shutting it now.

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