Friday, May 30, 2008

A Sex and the City review with help from Roger Ebert

I waited in line to see Sex and the City at midnight last night*, but it was all sold out. Fortunately this gave me a chance to read Roger Ebert's review of it beforehand. Perhaps this passage from his column that I will paste here in italics will be enough to sell you on the fact that there's no possible way this movie can suck horribly**: ...dramatic developments cause the four women to join one another at a luxurious Mexican resort, where two scenes take place that left me polishing my pencils to write this review. The girls go sunbathing in crotch-hugging swimsuits, and Miranda is ridiculed for the luxuriant growth of her pubic hair. How luxuriant? One of her pals describes it as “The National Forest,” and there’s a shot of the offending proliferation that popped the Smith Bros. right into my head.

* A complete lie.
** Sarcasm.

At this point, I'm tempted to ask you to just read Roger's entire column. Because his next paragraph completely sold me*, again in italics. A little later, Charlotte develops a tragic case of turista and has a noisy accident right there in her pants. This is a key moment, because Carrie has been so depressed she has wondered if she will ever laugh again. Her friends say that will happen when something really, really funny happens. When Charlotte overflows, Carrie and the others burst into helpless laughter. Something really, really funny has finally happened! How about you? Would you think that was really, really funny?

Please forgive me for not previously knowing what the word 'turista' meant. I had an idea based on the words that Roger typed following it. But I also had my doubts because yeah, in my head, that's gross and entirely unfunny. Unfortunately, it means exactly what I thought. Hence, grossness and entire unfunniness.

* Another complete lie. Or sarcasm. Your pick really.

So I guess the questions beg to be asked: Who are the people that are helping this movie sell out at every theater? And who can fill in for me when Jill asks me to go?

[Editor's Note: Don't let him fool you. Brian totally wants to see this movie]

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  1. Jane Says:

    I'm embarassed to admit that I am going to see the movie tomorrow. Mostly for the experience of being surrounded by a bunch of crazy girls dressed up for the ocsasion carrying around Cosmo's.

    This is similar to the time I waited in line at midnight to buy the movie Titanic on DVD. It was ONLY for the experience.

  2. Erin Says:

    I went to see it last night at 10:30. I laughed, I cried... and yes, the review does make it sound ridiculous, but it was my girl duty.

    Also, I would have waited for Titanic, but I had already pre-ordered it. :)

  3. Jeremy Says:

    our society makes me want to be a part of someone elses society