Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey, why the long face?

Today we read that Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown galloped 9 furlongs earlier this morning, this coming less than a week after he was diagnosed with a crack in his left foot. Now I understand that this horse has a chance at the first triple crown since who the fuck cares, but is this going to be one of those Barbaro-type situations where we get up-to-the-minute health updates from now until the Belmont? I mean it's a friggin horse! Push on I say.

Quick aside: I just thought of a funny Barbaro joke. I'm a year or two late, but I think it's funny. Well it's a groaner, which to me is funny. Maybe I should switch it from Barbaro to Eight Belles to keep it more current. Yeah I'll do that.

Eight Belles' handlers are all gathered around, wondering whether or not to put her down. The lead trainer suggests they put it to a vote.
Lead Trainer: "All those in favor of putting her down, say aye."
Trainer #2: "Aye"
Owner: "Aye"
Eight Belles: "Neigh"

Oh come on, that's funny.

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