Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seriously I should write a book at this point

More customer service stuff. This time I was trying to pay for a bill using this particular company's online site which I had been doing every month for as long as I can remember, but the website was giving me problems. There was a website support number, so I called it.

Me: "Hi yeah I'm trying to pay my bill on line, but I'm having trouble logging in to your website."

Him: "Yes sir Mr. Brian I'll be happy to assist you with this problem. What exactly is happening?"

I'm always Mr. Brian for some reason. I guess it beats Mr. Brain or Bondo.

Me: "When I enter in my username and password, it keeps bringing me to a screen that says my password is only a temporary one. It then asks that I change my password to something permanent, but when I do that, it brings me right back to the screen that says my password is temporary. I've done this 3 times now. Also, my original password was one that I had for like a year now."

Him: "Okay and how exactly is the problem?"

I promise that's what he said. How exactly is the problem. He didn't even say "what", he said "how".

Me: "Everything I just said there is my problem. I'm trying to log in to your website to make a payment, but your website is broken. It gave me this number for website support.

Him: "Uh yes Mr. Brian and I do apologize. Have you tried to make your payment over the phone?"


  1. Jeremy Says:

    dude i'm entirely convinced that things like this only happen to you. but i'm glad they do because it makes me laugh.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It's still happening. As of this morning, I still have not been able to log on and the same thing with the temp password is still happening.

    To be fair, the guy I talked to last night was a problem solver. But it would be like taking my car to a mechanic and saying 'my car is giving me problems and I need my car to get to work' and the mechanic saying 'have you thought about public transportation?'