Tuesday, May 06, 2008

4 minute flowage

I like when it takes like a good 4 minutes to pee. Sometimes I wait all day in between bathroom trips just so I can get full-flowage going for an extended period of time. It always makes me think I'm getting the most out of my spare time.

I know what you're thinking right now, and yes, the reason I'm bringing this up is because it just so happens that I completed a 4 minute session about a half hour ago. And that's clocked, you can ask Jill. It was the best. Actually she seemed concerned from the other side of the door.

Oh you weren't thinking that?

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  1. Jane Says:

    I never imagined I'd be commenting on something like this. I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever told you that you over think things too much? :)

    (I can't say I'm much better, but really...full flowage?)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well to be fair, I'm sure it wasn't 4 mins of full flowage. It was probably more like 3 minutes. But I followed that up with a minute or so of milked cow.

    Too much?

    Perhaps, but if full flowage or milked cow become popular terms, you'll know who to thank. Maybe thank is the wrong word.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    i was totally about to call shenanigans on that 4 minutes. i'm glad you admit that it was not in fact 4 minutes of full flowage.