Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm a Peeeeeeeach!

There's a woman named Shirley Baker who is the PM for a project that I'm working on, so every so often I'll get an email from her. Whenever I see her name pop up in my inbox, I can't help but think of the girl from A League of Their Own who couldn't read. Do you remember that conversation she had with Jamie Buchman's sister in front of the cut list (or non-cut list actually)?

Jamie Buchman's sister: "What's your name?"
Shirley Baker: "Shirley Baker."
Jamie Buchman's sister: "This is you. You're with us."

Yeah I think of that conversation every time I get an email from my Shirley Baker. And yes, I also imagine that my Shirley Baker pronounces her name like a crying retard. Oh like you wouldn't do the same thing.

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