Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jinx, no tags backs, no jinx backs, you do play baby games

You may remember the last time I took issue with the poll question in the Chicago Sun-Times sports section. Well I have another issue.

Last night, White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd had a no-hitter going after 8 innings. Going to the break between the 8th and 9th, broadcaster Hawk Harrelson said something like "call up your friends and family, Gavin Floyd is bringing a no-hitter to the 9th when we come back." I'm paraphrasing, but I think that's pretty close. I kind of smiled when he said it because it's considered bad form to mention a no-hitter during a no-hitter. But I'm also not an idiot. I realize that a broadcaster of a baseball game has no responsibility whatsoever in breaking up no-hitters. Only the players do. And really only the hitter and the pitcher. Everyone else is kind of inconsequential. Also, Hawk gets paid to call it like he sees it. You know, 'cause he's a broadcaster. Which brings us to the poll question:

Did Hawk jinx Floyd by mentioning the near no-hitter?

Our choices:

-Yes, you don't mention it till it's over
-No, he did the same before Buehrle's no-hitter
-Hope he did, I'm a Cubs fan

How about: No, jinxes don't exist. I'm not a moron.

Oh well.

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