Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A post for my Internet peeps

Please skip this if you don't care about sports blogs. In fact, you should probably skip this regardless.

Last night on Costas Now, they had a segment about sports bloggers and how bloggers fit in as a form of news media. On the speaking panel was Will Leitch of Deadspin (pro-blog), Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night Lights and extremely anti-blog), and Braylon Edwards (pro-football…or something). From the response of the studio audience, and for that matter the smugness of Bob Costas towards Will, I think an outsider to this discussion topic would have thought that Buzz Bissinger won the argument and that everyone associated with sports blogs are a bunch of childish morons. To be fair, this wasn't Will's fault. I realize that Deadspin is the most-read sports blog out there, but there has to be some perspective there. Confusing Deadspin as a legitimate source of sports news is just wrong. And I would assume that the comments that follow each posting aren’t meant to be taken all that seriously. And yet Bissinger grouped all sports bloggers together as a bunch of morons who can’t get their point across without using profanity*, if they had a point at all to begin with. First of all, Bissinger can go fuck himself (smiley). Second of all, that’s an awfully large brush he's painting with.

* A point not lost on this particular blogger is that Buzz used quite a bit of profanity himself to drive his point home during this show. Hypocrite much? And yes, I just used "hypocrite" as a verb.

I think we all would have been better served if a different blogger was on that panel. Maybe someone from USS Mariner. Or Athletics Nation. Or Shysterball. Or Baseball Prospectus. Having Leitch was cherry-picking IMO. I like Deadspin, but it’s more of a tabloid than anything. Nobody reads the NY Post for stock tips, right? Just like we don't read Deadspin for sports news.

Okay that is all.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I heard Bob Costas on ESPN Radio yesterday saying that the internet is a "breeding" ground for such vile persons to take their anger and he basically sounded disappointed. OK just wanted to add that 2 cents to the post...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    While he was using a sports radio show to complain about vile and angry people, did he happen to choke on his irony?