Monday, April 07, 2008

NCAA Brackets revisited

You may recall my NCAA bracket printing debacle from last month. Or you may not. But I figured I'd give you the results since they're kind of funny. And typical. I know there's still another game left, but these standings are locked up since the top 4 people are the only one's who picked Memphis and nobody picked Kansas. So without any more adieux, the results:

1. Karen
2. Ron
3. Phil 2
4. Steve
5. Phil 1
6. Sam
7. Mark
8. Doug
9. Greg
10. Jim
11. Bondo
12. Alex
13. Andy
14. Clint
15. Donald
16. Luis
17. Joe
18. Steve

Take a good look at those names. Then tell me you didn't smile a little bit. Hey maybe I should tell this to my Dunkin Donuts lady.


  1. Jane Says:

    Yay Karen! It's nice to see a lady in 1st place.

    Have I mentioned winning in my fantasy football group 2 years ago? Probably. I like to bring it up whenever possible.

    I wonder if Karen also picked her teams by the attractiveness of the players or thinking certain names were cute. I'm guessing it probably doesn't work quite the same way in a NCAA bracket.

    p.s. sorry about 11th place Bondo, that sucks.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think she picked Memphis because they're the Tigers and Kansas is the Jayhawks and there's no way a Jayhawk would beat a tiger.

    Yeah, 11th place sucks. 10th place would have given me a Gaylord Focker-style ribbon. But unfortunately, there are no 11th place ribbons.