Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few co-worker Donald-related posts

At this point I should have a Donald label. First, a conversation........

[I see him near the coffee machine holding his lower back]
Brian: "You alright?"
Donald: "Yeah, went golfing over the weekend for the first time, so I'm a little sore."
Brian: "Oh yeah, whatdya' shoot?"
Donald: "I don't even know. A buddy of mine was keeping score."
Brian: "C'mon, whatdya' shoot? Plus or minus a hundred?"
Donald: "Well it was an easy course, so.........plus a hundred."
[I'm sure this was funnier for me in person than it is for you reading it, but I don't care]

[And now, an IM convo]
Donald(08:36:28): I dropped Dan Uggla [from my fantasy team]............3-5 HR
Donald(08:37:28): two doubles and a HR to be exact
Brian(08:38:48): can you drop Joe Crede? He's been slumping and I need them to beat the Yankees this week.

[Wait one more]
Donald(11:13:19): "Ashley Olsen said hello to Sam at [the Beatrice Inn in New York City], and Lindsay screamed at her, 'Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' a-- away from my girlfriend,'" said a Page Six spy.
Brian(11:14:14): is Sam a girl?
Brian(11:14:15): never mind
Brian(11:14:27): quit reading Page Six

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