Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pardon me for laughing at death, but.......

Dude 1 thought that Dude 2 stole his Playstation.
"Gimme back my Playstation you son-bitch!"
Dude 2 said he didn't do it.
"I idn't steal shit."
Dude 1 didn't believe him.
"I ain't buyin' it. You better give it back."
Dude 2 didn't give it back. So Dude 1 shot Dude 2.
"Take that you son-bitch!"
Now Dude 2 is dead and Dude 1 is on the run.

Money line within that story comes from Dude 2's girlfriend, who reminisces about her dead friend, saying they used to go to mud holes together and, on purpose, drive in deep enough to get stuck. When they were kids, they threw firecrackers at cars on the Fourth of July.

Ah, memories. You gotta love the deep south. Or no you don't.

h/t TBL


  1. Jeremy Says:

    ha did you read the comments from the family members? i didn't know you could get internet in trailer parks anyhow...

    a story that i think truly tops this though is the man in chicago who ran over his girlfriend's father after the father called him out for stealing a cigarette. the father's neck and leg were broken and the brilliant daughter's comment was "he could have killed him" lol.

    even more strange than that is that article about the cigarette run down is from january. i know this because for some reason that copy of the red eye is still sitting on my kitchen table.....