Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Isiah Thomas = George Costanza?

The past few NBA seasons, Isiah Thomas had been the coach of the Knicks. Before he was the coach, he was the General Manager. The whole time he's been employed by the team, the Knicks have sucked, while also having by far the largest payroll in the league, and it's largely Isiah's fault. During his time as General Manager, he sexually harrassed one of his female employees, fired her, got sued, lost, and caused his employers to have to pay millions of dollars in damages to her. In other words, he's been a complete trainwreck.

So the owners of the Knicks fired him. Kinda.

If they fire him, they'd have to pay him the remainder of his salary for sitting at home. And they're not about to do that. So now they're going all "George Costanza when he was employed at Play Now" on him. He's still employed by the team, but he has no title and he is barred from having contact with anyone within the organization, including players. I guess they're hoping that he'll be so embarrassed by his new role that he'll quit, meaning they won't have to continue paying him. It is unclear if they've already boarded up the door to his office so he has to crawl through the duct work to get in.

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