Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A few April 1st office prank ideas

- Tell someone that you were just outside and their car was hit in the parking lot and the person who hit it is outside right now putting a note on their windshield. You get bonus points if the person you're pranking is parked in plain view of your office's window so you can watch them run outside with a confused look on their face.

- Tape the bottom of their mouse so the ball doesn't move. Of course this only works if they have an old-school mouse.

- Plastic wrap someone's car. Trust me, it's funny and doesn't do much damage. You'll need a couple boxes of plastic wrap though.

- Tell someone that Jenny called them while they were away from their desk and she's waiting for their callback. Jenny's number is (your area code)-867-5309. NOTE: the person you're pranking will ask who Jenny is, so have a fake job title for her handy.

- Hide the coffee. NOTE: this one has been attempted once and it got pretty ugly, so do not get caught. Let it last an hour or two, but make sure nobody is looking when you put it back.

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  1. Donald Miller Says:

    SRK(08:58:09): you call that account manager yet?
    BS(08:59:08): Yes I did, I received a v-mail greeting from some guy
    BS(08:59:13): I put it in the tkt
    SRK(08:59:19): you moron
    BS(08:59:24): Me?
    BS(08:59:29): you gave me the number
    SRK(08:59:31): April Fools baby baby!!!!
    BS(08:59:35): you suck
    SRK(08:59:38): 867-5309 S
    RK(08:59:43): Jenny I got yo number
    SRK(08:59:45): LOL!!!!
    BS(08:59:45): oh no
    BS(08:59:48): terrible
    SRK(09:00:01): Did you leave our contact number!
    SRK(09:00:03): lol
    BS(09:00:03): I called it and left a v-mail
    SRK(09:00:07): lol BS
    (09:00:18): I gave him my direct number
    BS(09:00:21): you cuck
    BS(09:00:23): suck S
    RK(09:00:32): Oh that's the best.
    BS(09:00:37): we'll see if he calls
    SRK(09:01:37): ahahahahaha
    DAS(09:01:49): hilarious

    4/1/2004 8:49:55 AM Brian S
    Per Scott K, said the account manager Jenny wants us to call her at 847-867-5309.

    4/1/2004 8:53:50 AM Brian S
    I called 847-867-5309 and received a v-mail greeting from some guy (didn't offer a name).
    I left a message requesting a c/b from Jenny if she is available at this number.

    4/1/2004 9:02:50 AM Brian S
    Disregard previous.