Friday, April 11, 2008

Uh Mr. President, you wanna think that over first?

George W. Bush: "Hey Fellas. We haven't done anything bat-shit crazy in a while, and our time left in this office is limited. Anybody got any ideas?"

Advisor #1: "We could announce plans to cancel a holiday. Maybe Halloween or something? It's a pagan holiday anyway."

George W. Bush: "Nah, I kinda like Halloween. I get to dress up and stuff. Halloween stays. Any other ideas?"

Advisor #2: "What about adding a holiday? I know a lot of people that wish there were more days off in August. August has nothing."

George W. Bush: "I like your style. In fact, write that down; we need to do something about August. But c'mon people. I need crazy. Give me something totally bat-shit crazy. We've done it before, I know we can do it again."

Advisor #3: "How about we take that research lab of contagious animal diseases that we have on that isolated island and move it onto the U.S. mainland? How does that sound?"

George W. Bush: "Hot damn we got a winner! You wanna write up the paperwork

Advisor #3: "It's Danny, Sir."

George W. Bush: "Whatever Bobby. Have it on my desk by morning."
So what could have inspired this [fake] dialogue? Read for yourself. Ain't he the best?

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  1. Josh Says:

    So I take it your not a fan?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Of the plan or the man? Hey that rhymes. With your word too.

    I'm a fan of all things crazy. Crazy ideas, crazy quotes, crazy people; I love it all. Plus it gives me the opportunity to ridicule it in front of almost dozens of people.