Monday, April 21, 2008

Fuzzy Memories

Maybe I'm remembering this wrong (kind of the way I remember being a wicked fast runner in H.S., only to find some old home videos recently of a couple of my track meets where I was filmed coming in no better than 5th. What the hell? So I sucked? The way I remember it I never lost. Sonofabitch! It kind of makes me wonder if my Dad was telling the truth when he said he was the 2nd fastest runner in his H.S. Yeah right Dad), but didn't the Dow Jones Industrial Average used to have marginal ups and downs each day? Now it's either huge 300 point gains or people are lighting their hair on fire to 300 point losses. Was it always like this and I'm just remembering it wrong or is this one of those new things?


  1. Jeremy Says:

    if you're really interested i could download the day to day closing values for any given period of time and run an analysis on it. it wouldn't take too long. let me know.