Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Bracket's Day

It's March 17th. You know what that means, right? It means it's time to get drunk and fill out college basketball brackets.

Every year, I seem to take the lead in our office by running the pool. It's a tricky job because you never know who might not approve of office gambling. To avoid any hassles, we don't play for money [as far as you know]. So earlier while preparing brackets for everyone interested in playing, I managed to jam our office's main printer. I was attempting to print off 30 brackets but the printer jammed right in the beginning. So I opened up the main door on the printer and there were 2 printed brackets stuck inside different parts of the machine. You should have seen me over there frantically taking apart the whole thing. People kept walking by saying "Brian you alright?" as I was covered in black ink and there were printer parts lying all over the floor. So like 5 minutes goes by and this guy walks up behind me wearing a Xerox shirt and he says "you didn't try to print something on this machine, did you?" and I said "yeah" and he said "well the [he names some kind of xerox printer part that I'm not familiar with] isn't working so it keeps jamming so I'm replacing it now" and I said "oh I'm sorry, do your thing".

Now I was nervous because I didn't get a chance to cancel my job so I knew there were like 27 or 28 college basketball brackets waiting to be printed as soon as this guy fixed this thing. So he replaced the part, and sure enough, here they came. He looked at them and said "are these yours?" and I said "uh, is it an expense report?" and he said "no they're college basketball brackets" and I said "hmmm, no those aren't mine".

Then he left and I grabbed them.

March Madness indeed.