Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I underestimated the power of the Force

Okay, so last night, I finally finished watching the Star Wars trilogy. You may recall that my journey started a little over a week ago when I noticed that Episode IV was scheduled to air on HBO. Having never seen any of the Star Wars movies, I tivo’d it just for fun. Then the next day, I set aside 150 minutes or so and watched it; I wasn’t particularly impressed. Then late last week, I saw that The Empire Strikes Back was scheduled to air, so I did the same thing. Ten minutes into this thing, I think I realized what all the fuss was about. Thirty minutes in and I was hooked. I know it. Who woulda thunk? So last night, HBO aired Return of the Jedi, and for 150 straight minutes, I was planted in front of the TV. No outside distractions like American Idol or Jill (just kidding Jill, you’re not a distraction). It was just me, my chair, a bottle of Gatorade, a Dove bar, and a box of Kleenex. I have a cold.

Today, I can officially say that I’m a fan. Not yet an expert, but I have no doubt that after a few more viewings (this is inevitable, and I DEFINITELY want to see Episode IV again), I will be one of those annoying people you hear debating things like "there’s no way Lando would have escaped the Death Star" or "those Imperial Walkers weren’t very economical".

In other words, today I am officially just a big dork like everyone else.

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  1. Star Wars Fan Says:

    Welcome to the club, Brian, it's about time!!

  2. B Says:

    Dude, why did you go to the you're one of them. We can no longer be friends, just lose my number.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I think you might find this to be an insightful piece or reading. It talks about how the Ewoks are guaranteed certain death at the end of ROTJ. Enjoy!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. Okay, so today I feel a little bit better about myself. I had been getting nervous about a perceived increase in dorkness from having watched these movies, not to mention the perceived increase in dorkness from having liked them. But there's no way my dorkness has risen to a point that I would have taken the time to write something like that.

    Then again, I did take the time to read it.