Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

I didn't think ahead far enough to send you a card, but I hope this makes up for that. Just remember this video later when you're eating your birthday cake!


  1. Jane Says:

    I've always loved that video.

    Thank you. :)

  2. Greg's Friend Says:

    Happy Birthday, Brian!! I had originally thought that I missed your birthday, since I thought it was 3/17 (which would make sense since your middle name is Patrick). I hadn't wanted to wish you a belated birthday after the 17th since, come on, belated birthday wishes just scream "I don't care enough to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday..." So now I'm glad I get to wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday, but am now confused as to why your middle name is Patrick. :)

  3. Brian Says:

    For some reason, the video doesn't pull up for me at work, so I'll have to check it when I get home. But I'm sure it's great.

    Greg's Friend, what did I tell you about the comments being funnier and more clever than the actual posts? Oh that's right, I said I liked them.

    Greg, I think we may have to let people start posting on the front page of this thing.

  4. Heidi Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

  5. Mr. G. Says:

    Happy Birthday Mike. Now that's good. Mr G