Friday, January 05, 2007

I’ll take 8 Randoms, a Venti fry, and a Grande Coke

- Who do Kenny G and Barry Manilow make fun of? Is it each other?

- I was just told that my cell phone voice mail says that I’ll be on vacation until December 4th. Oops. Either I haven’t missed a call in a full month, or people wanted to see how long I’d go without fixing it.

- I wonder how different "The Apprentice" would be if Donald Trump was replaced by a union leader. Would anyone ever get fired?

- Better yet, I think they should do a show called "The Communist Apprentice" pitting a team of socialists versus a team of capitalists. The possibilities are endless.

- I think the guy who invented Starbucks cup sizes was compensating for something, if you know what I mean. Small equals tall and medium equals grande? C’Mon!

- I wish I could have proposed to Jill after scoring a game-winning 2-point conversion in a college bowl game as she cheered me on from the sidelines. Unfortunately, I suck at football and she’s not a cheerleader.

- Sometimes I wonder how certain things happen for the first time, like sky diving. I can see where the popularity comes from now that we know it works, but who was the first person that thought to themselves "you know what, I feel like strapping this JanSport to my back and jumping out of a plane"?

- My wedding featured the token creepy guy hitting on the cute younger girl, the token drunken guy fight, and the token cheesy dancing to YMCA. But after all that, I still feel kind of cheated that we didn’t get the token drunk girl who starts jealously crying because her long-time boyfriend still hasn’t asked her to marry him yet. What happened to that girl?


  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Dunkin Donuts fratalian commercial pokes fun at starbucks cup sizes. I think its hilarious.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I finally saw the commercial you mentioned and I agree. Hilarious.

    Terrific job by the "America runs on" Company.