Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I don't give Jill enough credit

I’ve mentioned before that I will sometimes watch the Bears game with Jill, and for the most part, she rarely takes anything away from the broadcast. I’ve even mentioned times when she has said something smart or insightful (considering she barely cares who wins and would just assume football didn’t exist). Apparently, I don’t give her enough credit because she would never, EVER, say something like my co-worker Alex’s wife said to him while watching the Chargers/Patriots game with him on Sunday.

Alex’s wife: "Does DeGate play for New England or South Dakota?"
Alex: "It’s not South Dakota. It’s San Diego."
Alex’s wife: "Oh. Which team does DeGate play for?"
Alex: "I’m not sure who that is."

After clearing up the South Dakota/San Diego confusion, Alex realized there isn’t a player on either team named DeGate. Apparently, she was looking at two fans holding a "defense" sign. You know the one. One guy holds a "D", then the other guy holds a picture of a fence. Yeah, I know.

My advice to Alex: Either stop watching football games with this poor woman, or stop telling us about it afterwards.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have a friend that wondered aloud about the bullseye's on the sidelines signs, and how much money Target had to pay for that sponsorship.

    To quote her, "It must have been a lot because you see that sign at EVERY football game on tv!"