Friday, February 22, 2008

We wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner, but we would

A few of my friend Brian's ideas for how to spend $270 million if he wins the Mega Millions tonight:

- I would purchase a multi-unit apartment building and raise the rents on the current tenants.
- I would buy a baby seal and kick it in the face.
- I would buy a submarine, travel to Alaska and fire torpedoes at oil tankers.
- I would walk up to a bum, show him a wad of 100's and punch him in the crotch.
- I would use my money to get close to Paris Hilton and light her dog on fire.....then her.
- I would cancel Lost.

C'Mon man. Cancel Lost?

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  1. Jane Says:

    He is diabolical! How dare he even suggest cancelling Lost!?!

    If I won the $270 million I would hunt down this Brian person, kidnap him, put him in some scary basement and make him listen to that BNL song INDEFINITELY. :)