Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My absence explained

I'd like to explain my lack of posting the last few days. I had been out of town since Friday and an internet connection where I was would have been hard to come by. Thankfully Greg kept us afloat.

If you're curious about where I was, I was returning back to the scene of the crime. Every year around this time, Jill and I and her family and some friends of ours travel to N. Wisconsin for snowmobiling, ice fishing, and heavy drinking (normally all three of those activities would be related to one another, but with so many alcohol-related snowmobiling accidents recently, that would have been silly. So yes, I was sober. Mostly). The "scene of the crime", as I put it, was a local bar in town where my brother-in-law Tom and I got into a fight back in November. Saturday night we ended up practically closing down a bar with one of the local guys that was involved in that fight with us. So I guess it's now water under the bridge. You have to hand it to these people from Northern Wisconsin. Every single one of them looks like Mike Holmgren (6 feet tall or shorter, 230 lbs, extremely white, red face), they all drink like it's their job, they all add an extra "o" to every word that has an "o" in it like "goo grab me a coold one", they all love to fight (I saw a great one that didn't involve me and let's face it, fights are awesome if you're not involved), and I guess they all like to forget about it by morning. But this town up north has everything I need in a town; lots of lakes, lots of bars, and a casino. It's like Vegas only smaller, uglier, much colder, and there's no celebrities. Okay so it's hardly like Vegas. But for a quick weekend getaway, it's perfect.

Then again, I'm so glad to be home.

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