Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lost, Arizona, and other Randoms

- I have no doubt that the movie "Career Opportunities" would be a lot more popular today if it had starred someone other than the guy who played young Moonlight Graham.

- You know it’s cold out when you look at the clock and it’s right around quitting time, but you’re not even excited because it means you have to go out there and start your car.

- Greg is in Arizona right now on vacation. His hotel has a pool. And a golf course. He is a short drive away from the White Sox spring training camp. I hope it’s raining.

- I always thought that the name Dr. Jekyll sounds a lot more evil than Mr. Hyde. Anyone with me on that?

- After the final episode of "The Sopranos" aired, people were pointing out how David Chase alluded to The Last Supper in one of his screen shots. But David Chase admitted afterwards that those allusions were a coincidence and unintentional. After watching "Pulp Fiction", people were pointing out how Quentin Tarantino was also alluding to The Bible with Marsellus Wallace’s Band-Aid. But it was later pointed out by Quentin himself that the Band-Aid meant nothing and was simply covering up a cut that Ving Rhames had on the back of his head. Do you think we’re setting ourselves up for a similar letdown with all of our "Lost" theories? I’m just saying that if the final screen shot of Lost is a backwards pan of a child and it turns out the entire Lost world was just the child’s imagination as he stares into a bowl of Cheerios or something, I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

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