Monday, February 04, 2008

A few Randoms (mostly Super Bowl related)

- That girl from American Idol looked nervous. I don’t know what she had to be scared of; it’s not like anybody was watching.

- I’m glad she pulled it off flawlessly though. I think I’ve said this before, but there are few things as uncomfortable as when the singer of our National Anthem starts to screw it up. Once she was finished, I think I was just as relieved as she was. Or maybe not.

- I’d give my right arm to stop all this hyperbole.

- I’m sure there’s a better way to construct that joke, but I couldn’t think of it. And this site is free so leave me alone.

- Do the production folks of the Super Bowl realize that there has been music released since the late 80’s? Tom Petty? It looked like he was 100 years old.

- The weird thing about Tom Petty though is that when he was 30, he looked 100. Then when he was 40, he looked 100. And now that he’s 57 he still looks 100. I guess what I’m saying is that in 43 years, he should be fine.

- Last month Greg and I set the record for most posts in 1 month with 55. Congratulations to us.

- That was Donkey Lips, wasn’t it? Upon further review, yes it was.

- I’ve taken my fair share of rain checks, but I don’t think I’ve ever given one. I think I might be interested in something like that.

- You can't tell me that the 0:16 thru 0:26 mark of the halftime show didn't have some sexual innuendo going on. Well you can, but I won't believe you.

- Before the game, people were making Eli Manning and Rex Grossman comparisons. After the game, the only comparison that still rings true is that they both still suck. Except for Eli.

- Watching football with my mom is like watching football with my mom. There is no simile quite like it. Only she can tell you who she was rooting for; I think it was the blue guys.

- Until next time…..


  1. Kelly Clarkson Says:

    Jordan Sparks wasn't really singing - she was lip-syncing.