Monday, February 25, 2008

A few Oscar-related thoughts

- What is that thing on top of John Travolta's head? It looks like he's wearing Jason Alexander's wig (spray paint) from "Shallow Hal". Any time you look like a spoof, that can't be good.

- My favorite Jon Stewart line of the night: "Democrats have an historic race going, Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. Normally when you see a black man or woman president, an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty." Too funny.

- I was rooting so hard for that Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill bit to go over well. Too bad.

- Did you see Christina Aguilera on "Ellen" last week? I know this has nothing to do with the Oscars, but good lord. Somebody needs to make that episode 3-D.

- Miley Cyrus is 15 years old? I'm trying to think of how I would have reacted to being a presenter at the Oscars when I was 15. I think I would have walked out there, dropped a load in my pants, and then ran off stage. Thankfully, she took the opposite approach.

- I was rooting so hard for that Jerry Seinfeld "Bee Movie" bit to go over well. Too bad.

- Every room George Clooney walks into, he's the coolest person in the room. I wonder what that feels like.

- When did the Oscars turn into the NBA Draft? I think around the same time the NBA started drafting players from Europe that I've never heard of, the Oscars started handing out awards to actors and movies that I've never heard of. Oh well, 'til next year.

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