Monday, February 18, 2008

Yes I have a B.S., but it doesn't stand for 'bachelors' or 'science'

If any of you are a fan of (or have extreme hatred for) the Food Network show "Dinner: Impossible", you'll enjoy this story about the host Robert Irvine. If the details from that story are true, this guy is quite a trip. He has had plans to open a couple restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL that would turn the town into "the next Monaco" (quotes his). Unfortunately, things have not worked out and St. Petersburg remains St. Petersburg.

Some of the things he's (allegedly) lied about:

His Claim - He got a B.S. in food and nutrition from the University of Leeds.
The Truth - The University of Leeds claims they have no connection with him whatsoever.

His Claim - He worked on Prince Charles and Diana's wedding cake.
The Truth - The school he was attending at the time made the cake. He was attending that school at the time, but he had nothing to do with the cake.

His Claim - He is a KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order and he was given a castle by the queen of England.
The Truth - This is a story he told in jest while at a bar and admits he tried to stop it from spreading.

I love it. Although I have a friend who is no better than Robert. I was with him one time when he told this girl at a bar that he was the 2nd string linebacker for the Bears. If I remember correctly, she immediately called shenanigans.

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