Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh like you've never lied before

Earlier this week, a H.S. football player named Kevin Hart called a press conference in his high school's gym to announce where he had signed his letter of intent to play college football next year. It was a pretty big deal because he was going to be the first kid in his high school's history to ever play Division I football. So it was like a pep rally atmosphere with some of his classmates, some cheerleaders, some faculty, his family, his H.S. football coach, and even some local media folks. In his announcement, he informed everyone that he had signed with the University of California, Berkeley. Loud cheers erupted and everyone was happy.

The only problem? He made it all up. The University of California, Berkeley had never heard of him. He wasn't being recruited by anyone. The whole thing was Kevin's way of pretending that he was good enough to play Division I football.


And sad.

And hilarious.

Kevin is a genius.

And a moron.

And a genius.

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