Monday, January 07, 2008

Take me to your leader. Wait, he's your leader?!?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was interviewed by Naomi Campbell for GQ Magazine. Excerpts of that interview have been posted here. Let's see, what should I make fun of first?

How about the fact that he was interviewed for GQ magazine? That's pretty funny. Or that the interview was given by Naomi Campbell? That's even funnier. Then again, those are probably a little too easy and you'd accuse me of cherry-picking. Let's try to find something else.

Asked to name the world's most stylish leader, Chavez chose Fidel Castro. Quote, "his uniform is impeccable, his boots are polished, his beard is elegant."

Again, too easy. Making fun of that would be like making fun of the kid in the slow class who eats paste and I'm not that desperate.

Asked if he would ever appear topless, Chavez said yes. Quote, "why not? Touch my muscles."

Why is he doing this to me? Is this a joke? Where am I?

Asked his feelings on President Bush, Chavez said he's crazy but on his way out. Quote, "We're seeing the fall of the empire. Like the fairy tale, the emperor is naked."

Hugo Chavez eats paste.

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  1. Maygan Says:

    I think Naomi fullfilled her goal, to "get to know Hugo Chavez, the man". We all learned that Hugo is, in fact crazy, but I have to agree with him on one thing - Fidel Castro's facial hair. That really is one elegant beard.

  2. Erin Says:

    but wait - he gives free gas to poor americans. haven't you seen the progand--- i mean, commercials?

    i'm currently gagging myself with a spoon.