Thursday, January 24, 2008

The delayed moment of truth

Did you watch "The Moment of Truth" last night?

I think the show itself has the right idea, although some of the questions caused Jill and I to look at each other with "how would you answer that question" faces. Maybe it's one of those shows that you don't watch with your wife. Aside from that though it still made me laugh a couple times.

The only problem I have with it (and this seems to be a common theme with "game shows" now) is that it was about 6 minutes of actual programming crunched into 60 minutes. I had the same complaint with "Are you smarter" last year and I don't think I've watched that show since. Why do the producers do that? They drag the show on so much with dramatic music and frustrating pauses for no real reason to the point where I end up turning the channel. I'll never understand why they do that.

My grade: B-12

Yep, my arbitrary grading system is now on a vitamin scale. Or is that a warplane?

Side note: please don't make fun of the blog title. I realize it looks like one of those generic titles that you'd see in a newspaper review. But I'm kinda proud of it in a "making fun of generic newspaper headlines" kind of way. Okay that is all for now.

Quick edit to my original post: My friend Brian just emailed me with his thoughts on the show. Take it away Brian:

Absolutely retarded. I knew most of the answers to those first 6 questions anyway. Oh, lemme guess, they're freaking true. It's not that big a deal. The hard ones are when you have to talk about your wife and sh##. I would hate to see what the $500,000 question would be. They took a lie detecter test before the show, I don't get it, they should be strapped to one live on TV. Have you ever hit a car and not left a note? Hells yeah, I do it all the time. It's called bump and roll parallel parking, does that count? If I say no, does my anxiety shoot through the roof and I am told that I am lying anyway, or do I say yes, and tell America that I am a douche? If your kid comes out and asks if you gambled away his college fund, we already know what the answer is. What's the point? And how are they going to ask the really good questions on network television? Like, do you look at your poo when you are done in the bathroom? Have you ever pleasured yourself at work? In your adult years, have you ever had an accident in your pants? Are there special movies of you posted on the internet? Have you ever put anything in your butt?

Have you ever done anything to make your wife not trust you? What kind of b.s. is that? Do they mean going to a strip club without her knowledge or cheating on her? Those are two completely different things that warrent different punishments. And now America thinks your a douche. Then that poor schmuk walked away with nothing!!!! What a bum. Stupid piece of crap show.

Probably going to keep watching it though.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Excellent review, Brian, and Brian.

    Besides everything already said, I would like to emphasize my distate for the unnecessarily long pauses. The person answers, and then..[pause] [pause] [pause] ANSWER! Their attempt at suspense goes at least 3 beats past what I can bear.

    I'll probably keep watching, if only to complain about it later.

  2. Erin Says:

    The pausing was unbearable and lame. I'm sure there are plenty of people who want to be on the show - just rapid fire the questions so you can get through 2 people in one episode. why would that be so bad? it would also be a lot more stressful seeming for the person if he didn't have time for irrelevant witless banter in between questions.

    And, the polygraph thing is so flawed as became evident with the first guy who clearly didn't think he was lying about that answer. There's absolutely no circumstance that would you make you want to lie on that show. If you don't answer or lie you lose all your money and by default everyone knows that the answer is true anyway.

    I was quite disappointed.

  3. Brian Says:

    Erin, I was thinking the same thing the whole time I was watching it. If a polygraph test isn't 100% accurate (which everyone who has ever worked with them says they're not), then the whole show is flawed.