Friday, January 18, 2008

Rounders, Blockbuster, and other Randoms

- I haven’t paid for gasoline with cash in years, and yet I still top it off to the nearest dollar amount. Up until now, I had never really thought about how dumb and pointless that is.

- I wonder why Combos never caught on as a sandwich snack. For some reason, they’re one of those foods that only get eaten in the car during road trips.

- Let’s face it, the only people who go to Hollywood Video are the people who know they owe $6 or $7 in late fees at Blockbuster, and they’re not about to pay back that sonofabitch. At least not yet. Next time for sure though.

- I understand how we got Tim from Timothy, Pat from Patrick, and even Mike from Michael. But I’ll never understand how we got Jim from James.

- I’ve seen the movie "Rounders" like 500 times, but I still get nervous for Mike McD every time Worm shows up at the sheriff’s game in Binghamton. Get out of there Mike!!!

- Binghamton will always mean more to Greg and me because that’s the town of the closest hotel our family could find when we visited Cooperstown back in 1991. If you know anything about NY geography, you’ll realize how much that sucked.

- I accidentally opened a bag of Dorito’s from the bottom. The next couple weeks for me have been ruined.

- Finally, I beg of you, BEG OF YOU, to watch this. To call this kid "Joel Goodsen" would be insulting to him. Around the 1 minute mark, I realized he was a comedic genius, but then the interview got even better. By the end of it, I couldn't believe what I was actually watching. No words can do him justice. You'll just have to trust me and see for yourself.

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  1. Jane Says:

    That video is hilarious, and there is already a Busted Tee in his honor.