Thursday, January 17, 2008

Golfweek Burning

This is a golf story, but I'll fill you in anyway. Kelly Tilghman is an anchor for the Golf Channel. Yes, golf has a channel. Last Friday during a broadcast from the Mercedez-Benz Championship, Tilghman offered up some advice to golfers who want to try to beat Tiger Woods by saying they should "lynch him in a back alley." Tiger Woods. A black golfer. They should lynch him. Racial overtones. Yeah you get it. Tilghman's comments got her suspended from the Golf Channel for 2 weeks. End of story, right?


Look over there on the right. It's the cover of this week's issue of Golfweek magazine. Yes, golf has a magazine too. Look I like to golf as much as anybody, but how much material can there possibly be to where golf needs a television network AND a magazine? Anyway, in response to the uproar that Tilghman got from her comments, that's the cover that Golfweek decided to go with. I have no idea what the editors of that magazine were thinking. Didn't they learn anything from this guy? Or this guy? Or this guy? Or this guy?

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