Thursday, March 06, 2008

"It's almost too easy" - Garth Algar

The Perfect Plan - courtesy of Daniel Kuch

Daniel: "Man I don't want to go to work tomorrow."

Daniel's friend: "Why not?"

Daniel: "I don't know. It just sucks, ya know? Boss has been ridin' me. Plus I got that drug test comin' up and there's no way I'm passin' that son'bitch."

Daniel's friend: "I hear that. You could call in sick. That's what I do......Uh, you wanna pass that already?"

Daniel: "Nah, I can't call in sick again. Boss already said I do that one more time I'm outta there.......WAIT! I got it! You can shoot me in the shoulder."

Daniel's friend: "Okay now you're trippin'."

Daniel: "Trippin'? Who says trippin'? No for real, this'll work. You shoot me in the shoulder, I'll have to go to the hospital, boom! I don't have to go in."

Daniel's friend: "I ain't doin' that."

Daniel: "If you want this joint back you will."

Daniel's friend: "A'aight where's the gun?"