Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Huge hats, customer service, and other Randoms

- I haven’t yet figured out if people who use the term "waiting on line" rather than "waiting in line" do so because of where they grew up or because they’re morons. It’s gotta be a geographical thing, no? Kind of like saying "have a catch" versus "playing catch"?

- I'm not making any sense again.

- Why do country singers get to wear that awful over-sized hat everywhere they go with nobody ever questioning it? Yes I’m looking at you Trace Adkins of "Celebrity Apprentice". No matter the social situation, they have that stupid hat on. It’s weird. Okay so they’re country’s part of the uniform I guess. But you don’t see football players walking around with their helmets on, do you?

- Is that even the right analogy? Country singers and their flaming hat versus football players and their helmets? Eh, I’m leaving it.

- If you can make it through these 10 minutes without your face melting, I will present you with an award of your choice.

- I can’t be the only person who has noticed how badly HBO has sucked recently, can I be? Do they have any other shows besides "In Treatment" and "John Adams"? At this point, I’d even take "Entourage" back.

- When I drive into work in the summertime, there’s a road on the way in that forces me to stare directly into the sun. In the winter, the sun will be off to the right. This morning I noticed that it’s almost in my eyes again. It’s going to suck for the 5 minutes that I’m on that road each morning, but it also means that good weather is coming. This is my version of seeing a robin for the first time.

- On that note.......yeah I got nothing. Maybe my next version will have two last notes. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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