Monday, March 24, 2008

Brainy Brian

You remember this story from 2 weeks ago, right? It was a recap of the less-than-stellar customer service I received from Home Depot where they talked me into signing up for a new credit card. Over the weekend, I received that card in the mail, but my name was misspelled on the statement and the card itself. Yep, I'm Brain.

Admittedly, this happens to me all the time. I can't even tell you how many times I've received an email or something from someone where they start off by calling me Brain. Pointing out the error to the people who do it is something that I gave up a long time ago because it really is a common mistake for people. For whatever reason, they can't grasp the difference. But this time, it's not an email mistake; this is on a brand new credit card. We're not starting off on the right foot here.

So I called their customer service number and I explained to gum-chewing customer service rep Tessa that I just signed up for this card 2 weeks ago, but I'm reluctant to activate it because on it, my name is spelled B-R-A-I-N rather than B-R-I-A-N. A simple problem and a quick fix, right?

Yet here I sit on the phone on hold while gum-chewing customer service representative Tessa investigates my problem.

A good few minutes goes by before she finally comes back. "So your name is spelled B-R-A-I-N, right?"

"No," I say. "That's what it shows on the card, but it's wrong."

[momentary silence]

"Oh," she says. "So you spell it with a Y?"


[Editor's Note: If any of you can guess what Brainy Brian is (as mentioned in this blog title), you get a gold star]


  1. Jane Says:

    I refuse to participate in any more of your little games. I've yet to receive any of the prizes that I've "won" in the past.

    Or maybe I just don't know the answer and hate to admit it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You didn't receive the fake money I sent? I blame the post office.

    I'll give you a hint though. Yours was Plain Jane.

  3. Jane Says:

    Hmm..Garbage Pail Kids??? That must be it. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good work.