Friday, March 28, 2008

I wanna text you up

I hate texting words that have an N and an O back-to-back. Or a P and an R. Or the worst of all, an M followed immediately by an O and an N. It forces me to have to press the right arrow in between each letter and it kills my flow. I suppose I could avoid pressing the right arrow and simply wait for it to give me back my cursor, but who has time for all that? I got messages to send Baby!

Editor's Note: There is no clever blog title that has to do with texting. Believe me I tried. I could have gone all "my BFF Rose" on you, but that's completely played out and it wasn't all that funny to begin with. Hence my horribly lame Color Me Badd reference.

Was it Color Me Badd, or Colour Me Badd? I think it was color, but did they ever explain why? I mean if you're gonna to go with the misspelling on badd, why not go the whole 9 yards and go the Canadian route with colour? Boyz II Men did it. They could have gone with just the Z or just the Roman Numerals, but no, they went with both. Overkill? Perhaps. But who's to argue with the guys who brought us Motownphilly? Certainly won't be me.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'll be gone for a few days as I take a brief vacation, but I'll be back on Tuesday or so better than ever (doubtful). 'Til then.........