Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Adventures in Customer Service, cont.

Lady: "Can you confirm your account number please?"

Brian: "7-0-0-2-2-5-3-7-8-7"

Lady: "I'll repeat. Was that 7-0-0-2-2-5-3-7-8-7?"

Brian: "That's correct."

Lady: "Okay Mr. Brian. Please hang on a sec while I pull that up."

[delayed silence]

Lady: "Okay um Mr. Brian thanks for holding. The account number you gave me is wrong. It should be ten digits."

[I look back at my account number and count the digits. Wait, that IS ten digits]

Brian: "Wait, that IS ten digits."

Lady: "Um. Please hold."

[Approximately five minutes of hold time]

Lady: "I'm sorry Mr. Brian for the hold. Can you confirm your account number please?"

Brian: "Are you serious?"

Lady: "Um. Please hold."

[At this point, I gave up and called back. Thankfully the next representative I got was able to find my account number with no problems whatsoever.]