Friday, February 16, 2007

The worst case scenario of Thomas Jefferson's Randoms

- A phobia is a fear of something. So by definition, shouldn’t being homophobic mean you have a fear of gay people and not a hatred for them?

- This season’s cast of "The Real World" has to get crackin’ on the drama. Don’t they realize they’re supposed to hate each other? Hopefully the whiny girl gets something going next Wednesday.

- Have you ever seen a truck weigh station that was open? (courtesy of B.C.)

- Being a newlywed guy means that you’ll have to get used to watching crap on TV that is geared towards high school girls. Case in point: Grey’s Anatomy, E! News Daily, Real World, pretty much any drama on MTV. If I start reading Seventeen magazine, I give you all permission to start the intervention.

- Quick gift idea though. If your wife/girlfriend does not already have a subscription to People Magazine, get it for her. They may not admit it, but trust me, they all want it.

- Can you put a price on the moment when you’re using a snowblower and the wind blows it right back in your face? That always feels good.

- I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Friday jean day at work. I saw a guy this morning wearing jeans that would be too tight on Mick Jagger. They weren’t acid-washed, but you can't always get whatcha want.

- I work with another guy that didn’t get the memo that "Cosby-sweater" Friday hasn’t been invented yet. Perhaps he’s just preparing himself for when it finally happens.

- Any time Global Warming wants to start doing its job is okay by me.
- First we were told of things that had jumped the shark. Then we were told that jump the shark had jumped the shark. I keep waiting for the moment when jump the shark has jumped the shark jumps the shark. Stay tuned.


  1. Greg Says:

    If you have the time today, go ahead and check Google images for pictures of Mick Jagger. I could not help but be reminded of the immortal words of Jackie Chiles, "The man's a goblin!"