Monday, February 19, 2007

I'll take one long one and a few quickies

- Every day, our weather forecasters tell us what the temperature is, as well as what it "feels like" outside due to the wind-chill. But does it strike anyone else as kind of odd that a meteorologist (who uses scientific methods and data to calculate weather) would give us a number that is so unscientific when it comes to actual temperature? It strikes me as odd because temperature is a real value while wind-chill is just an abstract idea. Or is it? Do these people really know what it "feels like" outside? Better question – would I feel a difference between a wind-chilled temperature of 10 degrees versus an actual temperature of a windless 10 degrees? Even better question than that – am I the only person in the world who cares, or even thinks about things like this? Personally, I prefer a more time-honored method of checking the weather. I go outside. Yup, it's still cold.

- Speaking of the weather, have you ever noticed that 50 degrees is a lot different depending on what part of the year we're at? When it's 50 degrees in September, people are practically outside wearing snow pants. But when it's 50 degrees in February, people are outside in short-sleaves. Guys with convertibles are putting the top down. You gotta love February.

- Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan broke up three months ago. Now comes word that Bridget is three-months pregnant with Tom’s child. Talk about break-up sex gone wrong.

- Why do some drive-thru restaurants offer you free food if they forget to include a receipt with your order? That seems like an odd thing to grade their employees on. I’d much rather they concentrate on getting my order correct.

- It's gotta suck to be a woman. You put up with football for 5 months, you get a 1-month break while we catch up on what we missed in the NBA, and then before you know it, pitchers and catchers have begun to report. I think you'd all be better off if you simply started liking sports.