Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to SportClips, would you like to try the chicken wings?

I know I said that yesterday's posting would be the last of the week, but I had an experience last night that I'd like to share. First off, if you haven't been to SportClips yet, I'll give you all a quick run-down of the place. SportClips is the new haircutting place designed specifically for guys. You walk in and there's sports memorabilia everywhere, a big screen television fixed on ESPNews (unless there's a game going on, in which case, the game will be showing), and miniature televisions throughout. You have three options for a haircut: $15 for a regular haircut, $17 for a haircut and shampoo, and $21 for the works (which advertises as including a shampoo and head/neck massage). I'm not sure if these are the prices at every SportClips, but these were the prices at the one I was at. Anyway, you should have seen the clientele at this place. I swear, the guy sitting next to me looked like one of those guys who gets recognized at the strip club. Not a good sign, but at least ESPN was still on. So I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called, but it's taking forever. The girl said 5 minutes, but I had been there for like 20 and I still wasn't next. Jill was waiting for me at Old Navy and I was tired of waiting at this place, so I decided to pitch the idea and take off.

I picked up Jill and she saw that I still didn't have a haircut. She said it's silly to go all the way home without getting it cut and recommended we go to Ulta3, where she knew they had a salon there. Ulta3 was a quick 30 second drive away. I can't even begin to tell you the difference between sitting in the waiting room at SportClips and sitting in the waiting room at the Ulta3 salon. But it's kind of like when you're a kid and it's getting late in the evening and you ask your mom if you can have some ice cream, but she says "no not now, but how about you take a bath and go to bed". Just brutal. A minute ago, I was watching ESPN and now I'm sitting in a place that smells like my Grandma's house did whenever one of my aunts would get a perm. Not to mention, it's a woman's playground, so there's no way one of them can walk out of there without spending a quick bill or two.

But I got my haircut and I guess that's all that matters. For you guys, if you haven't been to SportClips yet, I suggest you try it out at least once just to say that you did. I don't know how good they are at cutting hair, but the atmosphere is nice (minus the creepy guy of course). Personally, I'll be sticking with GreatClips. There's no ESPN, but there's also no creepy guy, and more importantly, no perm smell. I hate that smell.

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