Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yes! Indy Face!

As much as it pains me to write post-game final thoughts of that busted game on Sunday, I’d be somewhat of a hypocrite if I ignored it after all the pre-game nonsense that I put up on this site. So here goes:

- Watching the Super Bowl at a bar is good for atmosphere, but you definitely miss part of the broadcast. I can’t tell you one thing about the commercials or the broadcasters because I couldn’t hear them. Maybe that’s a good thing.

- I couldn’t hear what was going on during that pre-game show, but it looked like the choreographer was trying to recreate something from Mardi Gras. Didn’t they realize the Bears won that game 2 weeks ago?

- The basic premise of the Cover-2 defense is to bend but don’t break. You give up small, but prevent big. Pretty simple. But if your best player on defense is your middle linebacker and the opposing offense is avoiding him by continuing to go small, shouldn’t you adjust? Why continue to give up 5 or 6 yards per play the whole game? If you’re gonna lose, at least lose because your best players didn’t play well. Don’t make it because your best players weren’t involved.

- Dominick Rhodes is going to get paid for that performance. But I have no doubt that the worst back in the league could have done the same thing under the same circumstances.

- I wish Peyton Manning was the quarterback for MY favorite team. It’s almost unfair being able to root for a team whose quarterback is so much better than everyone else’s.

- Every game, the Bears will run a pass play 2 or 3 times where Rex drops back one step, then lofts the ball straight up for grabs to one of his receivers. On the year, it had a zero percent success rate with the occasional INT. Let’s hope they remove that play going into next season.

- What is that play even called in the playbook? "The Rex interception flag, on one, ready BREAK"

- Nothing is worse for a good buzz than watching your team trying to come back late in the game, but Rex Grossman is your quarterback. I think my hiccups started as soon as the ball left his hands for that final INT.

- I think that’s enough about Rex. After all is said and done, could we really have expected more than that? I don’t think so. He’s an easy target, but they didn’t lose because of him.

- The worst feeling in the world: coming home and remembering that you Tivo'd all the pre-game and post-game festivities. It's great to have if your team wins, but it's a horrible reminder if your team doesn't.

- A look on the bright side: we were spared countless "Grin and Bear it" newspaper headlines.

- A look on the not-so-bright side: you have to put up with crappy headlines like the one I used for this post.

- I asked a co-worker of mine on Friday what he would rather have; his favorite team not make it to the Super Bowl, or his favorite team lose in the Super Bowl. We both chose the latter. I have officially changed my mind. Monday sucked.


  1. Jane G. Says:

    I was wondering when you'd post some kind of recap.

    You really didn't miss anything all that great from the commercials standpoint. I will say that Budweiser always makes a great effort.

    After having the Tigers lose the World Series, and then the Pats not quite making it to the Super Bowl, I would agree, it's a much better feeling to have not made it that far.

    I would have been ok with "Grin and Bear It" headlines if they would have won. So much better than the headline you used today. ;)