Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's 3am, do you know where your bloglets are?

I think its funny that people got together to name something as important as a mountain range and the best they could come up with was "Rocky Mountains". How remarkably unimaginative. Aren't all mountains rocky? Let's tell foreigners that they're named after someone named Rocky so we don't all look like idiots.

I just got done playing Madden 07 on the Wii and now my shoulder hurts. I think I have Wiipeditive Stress Injury.

If anyone makes it to the Brookfield Zoo anytime in the near future, can you pick me up a Mold-a-rama tiger sculpture? I can't seem to find the one I got in 6th grade. I did, however, find a purple melted wax blob in a box of my old stuff.

I think Just One Of The Guys would have been a better movie if while pretending to be a boy, Terry learned karate from an old Asian man and then fought Greg Tolan in a climactic championship karate tournament. It seems like they could have killed two birds with one stone there.

And speaking of Just One Of The Guys, does it strike anyone else as odd that in a movie about a girl pretending to be a guy that falls in love with her best friend who thinks she's a guy and then tells him she's a girl by flashing her breasts, that the most uncomfortable moment in the movie is when Rick talks about how big a fan he is of James Brown? Or is it just me?


  1. Maygan Says:

    Would I be remiss in thinking that "Just One of the Boys" was on tv last night...somewhere around 1 am?

  2. Maygan Says:

    Oops, "Just One of the Guys".

  3. Greg Says:

    Actually it wasn't. I haven't seen that movie in years.

  4. Maygan Says:

    How weird that you thought of it last night. lol.

  5. Brian Says:

    I was always disappointed that we never got a good look at Rick's mom's friend.