Monday, August 25, 2008

We gonna party up in NYC

Sorry for the lack of posting around here. Greg is still trapped near the inner-circle of fault, and Jill and I joined our friends Brian and Sue on a vacation to New York. I figured I could either use this post as an opportunity to apologize, or an opportunity to bore you with pictures. Or how 'bout both?

First off, let me tell you how awesome New York is. It may be the only place in the country where you can walk into a dive bar and spend $10 for a domestic beer. You gotta respect a place like that. I had been there once before, but it was 5 or 6 years ago and I was by myself. Round 2 was a lot more fun.

Okay starting left to right, you have me, Jill, some guy, 2 girls, Sue, and Brian. The 3 people in the middle were old friends we knew a long time ago who moved to New York a long time ago.
This is Offica Paul White. We met him our first night and he told us about all the cool baws and clubs to hang out at. He also spoke with a New Yawk accent that we found pleasing. Oh, and he faked like he was writing us a ticket for the benefit of passers-by.
Our first day we checked out Radio City Music hall. It was pretty gay. The hall itself was nice I guess. But the tour was gay. Really, really gay. That picture up there is me taking a break during the middle of it. And in the spirit of the tour, the look I was going for was gayness. I think I pulled it off nicely. A young girl on the tour who witnessed my pose mentioned that it was "totally going up on your myspace". Not having a myspace page, this blog will have to do.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The main reason for the trip in the first place was to check out Yankee Stadium, this being its last season and all. I was shocked to learn that they cheer for Derek Jeter there. I had never been to a place where Derek Jeter was cheered before; it was odd. Also, the Yankees were playing the Royals, but the whole 1st half of the game, the scoreboard showed the Yankees against the Angels. It took until the 5th inning for the scoreboard operator to fix it. The Royals get a lot of respect around these parts. The stadium itself sucked, but I loved the fans. They boo their own players if they swing and miss, even if it's only strike 1. Lesson learned - every stereotype about Yankees fans is 100% accurate.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you didn't know, New York doesn't have alleys, so all of their garbage piles up on the curb right where people walk. It adds to the fun, I say. Quick side-note that has nothing to do with the picture: earlier in the week, I read an article about Michael Phelps that said he eats 12,000 calories every day. I shared this story with Jill, Brian, and Sue, which led to our theory that he probably does nothing except eat, swim, sleep, and shit all day. So every time one of us had to use the bathroom during our trip, we would say "hang on you guys, I have to Phelps." Believe me, it was funny the first 500 or 600 times.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't even try to act like that isn't funny. Using my head to cover up the "C" in Canal? That's comedy gold in my opinion. Hat tip to Sue for the idea.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you think we didn't make fun of Brian for wearing a Cubs shirt beneath his Yankees jersey, you'd be sorely mistaken. The Cubs AND the Yankees? Why not just wear a shirt that says "I'm a big douche"? I bet he also roots for the Cowboys. And Duke Men's Basketball.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jill got to brag that she's the only one of us who got to drive while in Manhattan. One of our friends who lives there met up with us and she drives a BMW. Since Jill was the only "sober" one, she got to drive us around one night. And yes, Jill now wants a BMW of her own.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's me reading a map in the middle of a crowded train station. How did I make it the entire week without someone stealing my wallet?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember that scene in Big Daddy? Now it IS your problem Buddy. I'm not sure how this didn't make it on my list of things to do while in New York, but thankfully it made Brian's list.
And that's pretty much it. We did the touristy thing, we did the bar thing, we did the expensive restaurant thing, we did the cab thing, and we got to see Yankee Stadium. All in all, a complete success. And if I don't go back for another 5 or 6 years, that'll be fine by me.

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  1. Sam Says:

    You dont have to clarify that you were going for gayness in your pose. That goes without saying for all your poses.